Forms Processing


All organizations must inevitably deal with forms - invoices, purchase orders, tax statements, credit applications and many others. Because of their highly structured nature, forms lend themselves quite well to automation in both processing and filing. Optix provides a rich set of graphical tools that can help you automatically scan and index forms or electronically populate forms for display to users in your organization.

Form scanning can OCR (or barcode recognize) selected areas of a form - often called "zone OCR." The result of the OCR step is used to create a new database record. The new record and the scanned file are then stored in Optix or input into a new workflow. Using this technique, piles of paper forms can be quickly made available to your organization.

In Optix, forms can also be used in automated COLD processing. In this case, Optix stores a blank copy of a form and separately stores and indexes the contents of the form fields based on a batch run from a mainframe (perhaps the mainframe prints invoices on pre-printed paper). When users retrieve the form, Optix automatically overlays the field data onto the form background, reconstructing it "on-the-fly." This is therefore an efficient method of automatically making electronic versions of forms available to your organization.



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