Optix Mail Director

Create Mail-driven business processes and archives


Optix Mail Director is a Java application that is designed to automatically process email messages for inclusion in your Optix system. It may be configured with built-in class definitions to read messages from a POP mail server, break them down into their related components, and add the contents to a structured database, queue or workflow route. The modular construction of Optix Mail Director makes it easy to add custom class definitions that can support more complex behaviors.

Product Features

  • Monitors assigned email inboxes and automatically processes messages and moves them to Optix.
  • Written in Java and designed to support plug-in class definitions that easily allow custom extensions to be added.
  • Built-in message handling is based on Internet standard POP3 and IMAP protocols.
  • Automatically archives email messages, saving text and MIME attachments, then indexes them based on information in the message header or body.
  • Includes message filtering that allows different processing based on message content.
  • Allows incoming email messages to initiate an Optix Workflow process — extracting data for routing slip fields from the message and routing message text and attachments accordingly.



Download the PDF brochure on Optix Mail Director:

Mail Director Brochure 128.05 KB Download



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