Product Details

Mindwrap is pleased to present the Optix family of products. With Optix, organizations have the power to magnify the value of one of their most critical assets, information. Optix lets organizations harness information in new ways to realize new efficiencies, reduce costs, streamline operations, meet regulatory demands, close new business, and exceed customer expectations in hyper-competitive markets.

Optix, the platform for rapid design and deployment of all your document management and workflow applications, can be the critical link organizations need to make the most of their information and build a sustainable competitive advantage. The supplied GUI-based application tools allow you to quickly design and deploy as many custom repositories as you wish. We put the power in your hands.


Keep all of your users happy with our powerful client software, available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Optix Workstation supports all interaction with the user to scan, index, view, store, check-in/out, process workflow items, and much more. Priviledged users can design new forms, create new repositories, and deploy new indexing schemas. Free with every purchase of an Optix server-based system, you can distribute Optix Workstation to as many desktops as you like.

Application Generator

Design and deploy your own custom index screens and workflow routes in just minutes using the Optix Application Generator, provided with every Optix system. The Optix Server automatically creates the database tables that power your design, so no DBA is needed. Index your documents exactly like you need and create as many repositories and workflow routes as you wish.


Convert your paper, microfilm, and aperture card problems into digital assets using Optix Workstation and an Optix Scanner driver. We support the fastest and most capable production scanners on the market today. Convert your documents to multipage TIFF or PDF documents at rates up to 200 pages/minute or more. Download a list of our supported scanners here.


Optix Workflow facilitates increased productivity. You can watch as documents flow from one workstation to the next. Based on your observations, you can determine how to eliminate unnecessary processes, enhance quality control, improve customer satisfaction and speed delivery of products and services. Design and deploy new business processes with the supplied GUI-based route editor included in the Optix Application Generator.


Enhance any intranet or website by providing secure browser-based access to your Optix repository assets. Whether you wish to publish document-based content to your website, or empower remote users, Optix Web's J2EE architecture will seamlessly integrate with your existing environment. Optix Web provides a robust, ready-to-use thin client while a full Java-based API permits customization for a variety of web-based document management and workflow applications.

Text Search

Search your text-based documents based on content. Desktop word processing documents, scanned documents that have been converted to text using OCR, searchable PDFs and other text-based files can all be quickly searched into a ranked list. Select either the pure text file or the original source document for viewing.

Bulk Load Utility

Quickly import your existing digital files into Optix. Autoindex images and desktop files using extracted metadata or a combination of file names, folder names, file attributes, and user-supplied constants to create custom indexing records.

Fax Director

Fax Director monitors specified folders for new incoming faxes and can then place them into workflow routes, indexing queues, or perform basic indexing and store them to a specified document repository.

Mail Director

The Optix Mail Director is a java-based application that is designed to automatically process email messages for inclusion in your Optix system. It may be configured with built-in class definitions to read messages from a POP mail server, break them down into their related components, and add the contents to a structured database, queue or workflow route. The modular construction of Optix Mail Director makes it easy to add custom class definitions that can support more complex behaviors.


Automate the processing, indexing, and distribution of your mainframe report files using Optix COLD. Create custom form backgrounds from any black and white or color scanned image then let Optix COLD format and overlay your text, automatically using fields that you preselect to autoindex the resulting document. Users can easily find, view, and copy/paste the text from Optix COLD documents for ultimate flexibility in your business processing.


Whether you wish to create a custom automated workflow processing step or you need to periodically push external index and document data into Optix, our API libraries (both C and Java) provide all the necessary low-level functionality you need. Our client workstations use these APIs to interact with the server.



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