Bulk Load Utility


OptixBLU enables clients to rapidly load and index large numbers of existing files directly into Optix, using one or more built-in methods for automatically generating index data. Intended primarily as a one-time tool for helping clients to rapidly import existing digital backfiles, it may also be useful to help service clients that experience a periodic influx of digital data that must be incorporated into the Optix system.

Using the Metadata Extraction job type in OptixBLU, user-specified metadata fields embedded in existing images may be extracted and assigned to fields in a target database record. Using this technique, the contents of entire folders may be batch imported and autoindexed to the Optix Server.

The Directory Upload job type in OptixBLU allows files contained in hierarchical directory structures to be imported to the Optix Server. Filenames, nested folder names, file attributes, and user-supplied constants may be selected and assigned to fields in a target database record, allowing all types of files to be batch processed and autoindexed.

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