Solutions for Higher Education

Imagine you are in charge of a university admissions office. You receive 10 or 20 large bags of paper mail containing applications, transcripts, and other documentation from thousands of applicants - and you must organize and evaluate that vast volume in under two months. What are your options? While the old paper folder methods will work, more and more institutions are finding that they dramatically reduce their processing time and greatly enhance applicant responsiveness by implementing an Optix Document Management and Workflow system.

Since 1988, Optix has helped institutions across the country solve their document management nightmares, seamlessly merging paper scanning, electronic forms, legacy databases, and custom workflow solutions that place critical documents in front of exactly the right people at just the right time. No more missing or misfiled folders, no wasted labor - and no piles of folders to manage.

Optix supports super-fast scanners engineered specifically with document capture in mind. Large autofeeders, auto deskew, auto cropping, and high resolution double-sided scanning effortlessly delivers paper into your system at rates of pages per second instead of minutes per page. Optix can literally capture your documents faster than you can print or view them.

Use the Optix Application Generator to quickly design and deploy your own custom applications for Accounts Payable, Financial Aid, Human Resources, or wherever your document challenges reside. And because Optix uses high-end databases such as Oracle™, Informix™, Sybase™, and SQL Server™, we can easily work with your existing legacy systems. Users can query on any field, find exactly what they need, and view their documents in seconds.

Easily automate your business processes using Optix Workflow. Use our Graphical Route Editor to visually and interactively define how information and documents flow through your organization. Start any document down its automated path by simply dropping it on a pre-built route. Optix automatically provides it to whomever needs it next, when they need it, with ironclad security that you control.

So say goodbye to all that paper madness, and step up to Optix - the modern document management solution that meets the demanding requirements of Higher Education.



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