Optix 8 builds easy onramp for capture of desktop files

Mindwrap, inc. – a leading provider of cross-platform document management and workflow solutions - today announced a major labor-saving enhancement to its latest Optix 8 client software. The update uses an extensible suite of built-in code plugins to extract detailed metadata from a wide variety of common desktop files. The extracted metadata can then be mapped to user-selected fields in target indexing screens or workflows with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface..

File types initially supported by the enhancement include Microsoft Office™ Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files, digital image/digital camera files such as TIFF and JPEG, E-mail files, Adobe™ PDF form files, and any Optix-scanned documents. File-based metadata such as filename, file type, enclosing folder names, and date/time of creation is also obtained from the operating system. Users and system administrators can create customized setups to map metadata to target screens.

"The ability to capture and leverage existing metadata can significantly reduce document indexing labor costs", states Craig Landrum, CTO of mindwrap, inc. "And because the new metadata mapping steps can be used in Optix 8 Scan Tasks, it allows documents to be autoindexed and stored using a single drag-and-drop action".

Metadata may also be extracted from scanned documents using OCR and barcode recognition combined with user-specified templates, allowing field-based recognition from any multipage document, with optional verification and user-correction. Color, grayscale, and black-and-white scans may be used. This ability provides one-click scanning and autoindexing of paper forms.

The new metadata extraction feature may be extended to process proprietary client files. Contact mindwrap at (540) 347 2552 or drop us a note to learn how you can begin leveraging the information in your own desktop files.



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