Optix Workflow speeds business automation with improved throughput

Mindwrap, inc. – a leading provider of document management and workflow solutions - today announced enhancements to its latest Optix software suite designed to speed the handling of user workflists. Worklists are like email inboxes, prioritizing the collection and display of tasks targeted for individusal users or workgroups. The enhancement is especially valuable for high-volume offices where hundreds or thousands of workflow packages are processed every day.

In addition, architectural changes have been implemented to improve the security and efficiency of workflow deployment. With the new release, system administrators design, deploy, and manage workflow routes using the Optix Application Generator, providing secure connectivity to the central Optix Server and reliable life-cycle management for an organizations entire suite of automated business processes. IT staff will continue to use the Optix Server Administration tools to handle related server-based operations such as users and groups, security, queues, and server-based processing.

The new release also includes support for extended filenames greater than 31 characters, maintaining compatibility with the latest Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.



Optix 8