Mindwrap attends NASFAA’s 2005 Annual Conference in New York City

“With over 3,000 attendees, this year’s NASFAA Annual Conference was awesome!”  Thom Vagt, VP for Sales at mindwrap – a leading provider of document management and workflow solutions – is full of energy when he talks about this recent show in New York City.  The conference was held over the long Fourth of July weekend, providing Financial Aid professionals the opportunity to enjoy holiday celebrations around the city while also meeting with their peers to discuss hot topics in Financial Aid and to learn more about current practices and regulations affecting their industry.

Thom, along with Aimee Bartlett, Marketing Manager at mindwrap, met and talked with hundreds of attendees at the NASFAA (National Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators) conference about their schools’ individual document imaging and management needs.  There was one strong theme throughout: Financial Aid offices at colleges and universities of all sizes need to securely store their files and records in a manner that allows quick and easy retrieval – and they want to put the space currently used for paper storage to better use.  One attendee commented, “We have huge space issues... [we] have to store any records over a year old across campus – it takes at least three days to retrieve them!”  Optix®, mindwrap’s flagship product for document management, was up and running during the conference, allowing attendees to see how easily documents of all types can be indexed, organized and managed.  Having installed Optix® at universities and colleges across the country, mindwrap has gained a solid understanding of the needs of higher education administrative offices – from financial aid offices to admissions departments, human resource groups, student information management and beyond – and the professionals at this year’s NASFAA conference took notice.

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