Mindwrap releases Form Recognition and Adaptive OCR

Mindwrap , Inc. – the leading provider of cross-platform document management and workflow solutions – today announced the release of Optix form management, form recognition, and adaptive OCR modules for their Optix Workstation for Windows and Macintosh. The new form recognition and smart OCR capabilities enhance the existing metadata extraction and autoindexing features of the Optix Workstation.

A form can be defined in a minute or two using the new Optix Form Manager. Recognition occurs during processing of Capture Tasks by the Optix Workstation, supporting both input from scanning or drag-and-drop of existing desktop files. Once a form is recognized, metadata is extracted using adaptive OCR. Extracted data can then be assigned to database fields for autoindexing or passed to external applications such as SAP processing.

“Our new adaptive OCR is pretty slick”, stated Craig Landrum, Mindwrap CTO. “It first searches the incoming form pages for key terms you specify and then extracts the desired metadata in relation to the found term. This allows the desired metadata to be located virtually anywhere on a form and still be found and extracted correctly.”

Optix Workstation – available as a native application on both Windows and Macintosh platforms - supports a wide range of document management and workflow functions, including multipage scanning to TIFF and PDF documents, non-destructive annotations, check-in/check-out, form processing, and metadata extraction. The Optix Application Generator is also available as a native Macintosh utility, empowering clients to create beautiful, metadata-driven document management applications in minutes.

About Mindwrap

Mindwrap, Inc. is a premier provider of innovative document management and workflow solutions to the education, commercial, and government markets. Mindwrap’s flagship product, Optix, is a highly-scalable and flexible solution that can be customized to meet client’s document management, imaging, workflow, COLD/ERM, text search, forms processing, and database publishing needs, and integrates seamlessly with legacy and third-party applications. Known for its technology leadership, delivery, and customer service excellence for over 24 years, Mindwrap is headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia. For detailed information about Mindwrap, visit mindwrap.com.



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