Mindwrap History

Founded in 1988 as Blueridge Technologies, Inc. we rebranded as Mindwrap in 1999. Founders Craig Landrum and Jim Small were pioneers in the development of some of the largest document management systems ever designed -- including the Automated Patent System in use at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Today, our team of engineers combine more than a century of experience in document management, workflow, and web-centric applications, enabling us not just to remain on the cutting edge of these technologies, but to help define them.

Our customers select us for our technology and remain loyal for our customer support and updates. Many of our systems have been in continuous use for over 20 years, and have evolved from simple image archives to enterprise installations incorporating workflow, forms processing, text search, OCR, COLD, and thin-client web access. Our latest Optix release introduces Java Servlets, XML capabilities, and wireless access.

We can help your organization keep ahead of the competition, too.



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