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Our standard training classes are described below. We will be happy to schedule whatever training you need at your site or here in our Warrenton, VA classrooms. Installation and Training at your site are typically bundled with all system sales. For classes held in Warrenton, and unless otherwise specified, we supply all required computers and training materials. Class costs and size vary, so call and be sure we can accomodate your group.

Payment: All classes must be paid for by credit card or purchase order prior to the date of the class.

You can contact us via email at training@mindwrap.com or by phone at (540) 347-2552 option 4. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM EST.

Class Descriptions

MWT000100 Optix User Training (3 days)

Optix Workstation operations
Query, retrieve, view, save, index documents
Scanner operations
Application Generator (3 days)

MWT000200 Optix System Administration Training (5 days)

Advanced Workstation operations
Server Installation, configuration and Operations
Database/SQL concepts
Volume management
Backup operations
Security/user management

MWT000250 Optix Workflow Training (3 days)

Workflow concepts
Database workflow tables and relationships
Business Process reengineering
Workflow Design

MWT000275 Optix Web Training (3 days)

Optix Web installation and concepts
Query, retrieval, viewing, saving, indexing via browsers
Intro to Optix Web customization and integration


3-day seminar - $2000 / person
5-day seminar - $3000 / person (a more intensive class)

Onsite training is also available for current Optix clients. Contact us for pricing and to arrange for a convenient date and time.

Class Attendance and Cancellation Policy

A minimum of four (4) attendees is required to hold a class. If the minimum number of students has not enrolled, Mindwrap reserves the right to cancel the class and you will be notified 2 weeks before the class start date.

Mindwrap will notify each participant at least 2 weeks before the start date of the class so that you will be able to make flight and hotel reservations. Cancellations made prior to two weeks before the class will receive a full refund. Cancellations made within the 2 week period before the class will be responsible for the full cost of the class.


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